1. Who are scenic lighting?

Scenic lighting are a professional external lighting company. Working mainly on residential garden lighting projects across London and south east England. Founded by Rob Webber, they have become a leading studio of expertise and common sense solutions. Rob and his team all have the same ethos. Respectfully building trust and a working relationship. Always approachable, adaptable and committed. Robs knowledge is often called upon by leading garden design colleges and publications.

2. Why use scenic lighting?

Scenic lighting are specialists. Qualified electricians and external lighting designers who only work in landscape lighting. Established for 30 years they have completed thousands of lighting projects spanning high-end residential property’s, through to smaller intimate gardens.
They are a trusted expert by many garden designers and landscape contractors.

3. What’s the process?

From initial contact, we reply with bespoke questions for your project, often asking for images or drawings if available.
From there we can normally set a budget consideration based upon our knowledge, your control requirements and the installation environment.
If you are then happy to explore, we will set an appointment visit to discuss your project, looking at the landscape and highlighting solutions and potential opportunities to enhance your landscape after dark.
We prepare a full fixed cost supply and installation package for you. Never any pressure.
We can supply working samples of the whole spectrum of light fittings; never tied to one
manufacturer; choosing the right light fitting for the required purpose.
Projects are booked in to suit, carried out on budget, within time and with respect to your garden.

4. What are the costs?

Professionally installed garden lighting is an investment; its value is often not assessed until years to come. Our average project value is £4,000.00; however, all landscapes have their own individual needs and requirements. Some gardens require more bespoke solutions, and others are far more simple. Enhancing your enjoyment of the landscape is our goal. Both in using or simply viewing from inside your home.

5. Guarantees?

We fully guarantee all of our works for 2 years from the date of completion; so it becomes a
maintenance-free enjoyment for you. Many of the products we use have longer manufacturer’s
guarantees; ranging from 5 to 10 years. We honour those in our service to you.
Our commitment and relationship don’t end on the completion of the lighting.

6. Chosen light fittings.

We are not tied to specify any one manufacturer of lighting. Many have a specific product that is suitable within a unique environment. The correct selection of light fitting is where most projects succeed or fail. Garden and landscape needs differ, each one is unique. Woodland areas, areas liable to flood, or areas with higher populations of wildlife — they all need differing solutions.
There is never an ‘out the box’ answer. Correct selection and installation to suit that environment are where our skill lays. That’s the value to give you enjoyment for years to come.