Garden Lighting Berkshire

A spectacular landscape garden lighting installation is all about balance. 

Selecting the nocturnal elements of any garden is a dark art. It’s often neglected by professional landscape lighting designers and installers. Scenic lighting approach the challenge by creating 2 gardens. One for daylight use, and a further for nighttime enjoyment. The approach is often complex, but can be summarised succinctly by using 3 approaches. 

Functional lighting — soft light to invite you into the landscape space after dark. Making it safe to use. Lighting changes in levels at steps, entrances and exits, gated areas. The threshold from the house into the garden is often neglected. Using the correct colour temperature of white light to make that junction seamless. Aesthetic lighting — soft lighting to create atmosphere and ambience within the garden. Particular attention is paid to places where you may sit and relax, or entertain and eat. A soft subtle approach to lighting around the areas you use at night. This is the lighting that creates the atmosphere to keep you within the garden, enjoying the landscape into the small hours. 

Feature lighting — enhancing the nocturnal differences of the garden by creating shadows and definition to key features within the garden. Whether they are natural like feature trees or climbers; or imported like sculpture or water features. The key is to approach the viewed landscape like an artwork. Which when viewed from the frame of an internal window, we use light to paint the landscape canvas for your enjoyment. The key is to always use the correct level of light from carefully placed sources. Seeing just the lighting effect, and never the source itself. 

Scenic lighting combine their superior design and selection of the ‘right light fitting for the right outcome’. Using the highest quality light fittings, we ensure continued enjoyment — even in the harshest of landscapes. 

Careful selection and placement of the lighting enables the client to use the space without an overspill of light into the night sky.